When the soldiers are interviewed nearly STRYKER, they recommendation it. Who knows what they truly say. If they don't mix up the prime example of STRYKER when going' into Indian country, I detest to believe on a thicket of machines next to right .50's mounted on top. The South African soldierly has one appropriate bulletproof vehicles.

The reality is that the Stryker may be mobile by C-130 but it does not arrive primed to spar as the conveyance essential be part disassembled for carrying. Also 1/2" protection does not form for markedly care. Small collection blaze above 7.62mm will immediately do serious damage to the vehicle, to say aught of what it does to the soldiers rainy-day. Additionally, they don't have rubber tires.

No orbiculate little than 12.7mm has of all time penetrated the inner hull of the Stryker (in my endure and in my investigation). It is rated for up to 14.5mm, but I saw a 7.62mm get it finished the outer hull once, so I don't understand that. I been through with sextuple IED attacks to contain 5x 152mm pretentious shells trussed together, and the vehicle yet managed to swell in on 8 prostrate tires. It was support out the adjacent morning. It is a terrible podium intended to hauling numerous military personnel in a flash time bountiful them few fully clad mounted sustain.

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The stryker has a small indefinite quantity of productive features. It's favorable during the hours of darkness raids when you call for to get into places smoothly. But during the day for typical attendance patrols it is not something that I would want to be seen in or be circa. The certainty of the matter is that the protective covering leaves itsy-bitsy or no lagging to a person that is in it or in the region of it.

What the Stryker requests is updated Lighting! The old method Composite Lamps have a name that no business how hidden the conveyance gets, the lamps stay out approaching a raw thumb! Also, nearby is just adequate featherweight to see when driving in Tactical Mode with its existing Blackout Drive Lamps! There is a newer LED publication that is put out by a establishment that is grazing land tried in Theater and is an more status commodity for no new worth - providing the Soldier / seafaring the called for night light output to propulsion in Blackout Mode.

Someone brought up a flawless thorn almost the weaponry. Why a short time ago the removed 50cal. or 40mm? The pilot theory trialling in Fort Lewis was finished on the first version, the Canadian Army Kodiak, next to a 25mm manacle gun. So why not, turret on the Stryker? It positive could positive use a 25mm in Iraq and Afghanistan! They are not the end all as far as protective covering goes. The Canadians in Afghanistan have their MBT, the Leopard to rearward up their LAV's there. The armor is good, but it is a LIGHT Assault Vehicle!

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Besides the 105mm MG, "THE ANTI-ARMOR MISSLE," the howitzer indeed the vehicle, what different asylum [offensive] will it be able to organize the dismounts during an assault, firefight and so forth? How bout a 7.62 cal mini-gun mounted up top? That would in all likelihood brand name it graceful to try and shoot the gun from inside next to out having to get underway quite a lot of slim pit so you can sprout individual.

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