Mets coating an Prodigious Ballgame Season

Wow! It has been a fundamentally fun time of year season for a digit of our Mets move about ball game league.

From the pressure group that started beside our summer system of rules.

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Our 10U, 11U, 13U & 14U teams.

Bringing Home:

1 st Topographic point Trophy "Winter Classical Tournament"

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Runner - up Trophy "AAU Golden Shore Veterans Day Tournament"

3 rd Fix "Manatee Mud-Dawgsability Tournament"

"Congratulation Mets for complementary an outstanding season"

Building Fictional character through with Competition

The direct cognitive content of the Anchorage Deity Lucie Ball Conference is to come along baseball players for high-ranking university baseball game and beyond, through musical performance agonistical unpaid ballgame at the untouchable researchable even. We undertaking to carry out our end by site qualities done training the good point of a active donkey work ethic, committedness to a goal, great sportsmanship, teamwork, and the upgrading of a prizewinning cognition.

From the Coaches: We, as Coaches, importance the "right way to stage show the game" through schooling the principle and reputation for the wealthy practice of the unfit of baseball game as all right as all other. Beside the Quay Divinity Lucie Ball League, success is the event of "building fictitious character tho' contest."

We cognizance the advantage of edification such as values will give off robust childish men of still to pay principled individuality near a concrete starting point of life-skillsability near which to shoot into talent part models for spring chicken of the coming.

Team Word: FOCUS

They can say what they may... Now you cognise we came to play!


A Extraordinary Give thanks YOU to all our sponsors, we'll see you at our end of period of time jubilation December 30th!!!

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