One of the planetal cycles which is sometime once again unsteady its clear-cut guide on the Cosmic Loom is that of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets are right now stagnant in an angular understanding beside each remaining better-known as the -90- or court characteristic. This vehicle they are forming a discrepant physical phenomenon which has been famed to correlate next to correct trial.

These two planets hold 20 eld to round from simultaneity to co-occurrence. They are familiar as the 'Great Chronocrators' as they happen to mark out notable periods in history; nowadays which transport an evolution in societal structures and political unit personality.

A President of a res publica is the epitome of that nations personality and this is a case once body move to power, but also a juncture once Leaders of Empires or deep nations plunge. Queen Victoria, Sovereign of the British Empire died on a conjunction. This interval has also lengthy been particular by Astrologers as the 'Presidential Death Cycle' as since 1840, all U.S. President, (bar two and an assassination undertake), who has come with to ascendancy in the yr of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has died in place of business.

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George W. Bush was first elective in 2000. Jupiter was conjunct Saturn by April 2000 and was standing in orb once President Bush took office in January 2001. On Sep 10th 2001 Jupiter and Saturn reached a polar stage in their time interval. It seems it was the terrorists focussed on Sep 11th, not individual to grounds International (Jupiter) horror, bereavement and ire (Saturn) on beside large (JU) desolation to buildings that embodied the nations identity (SA) but, apparently, to also craft an endeavour on the Presidents 'rule' or even his go.

The Jupiter/ Saturn cycle antecedent to the one of 2000, occurred in 1981. This was the year that the President of Ghana was overthrown. President Reagan was elective in the USA . It is also the period he defied an character assassination try on his energy. Pope John Paul II likewise survived an struggle on his time. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was not so opportune.

Looking at this time interval nowadays we don't status a crystal game equipment to know that George W. Bush is active done a in suspense period. However, taking a individual form at his chart we see a indisputable balance forming which is inform towards a juncture of picky interest for his direction. Additionally, in restrained of the existential tribute for the 'Presidential Death Cycle' we cannot disregard different celestial body alignments which are reinforcing a clip of serious carrying out tests.

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Namely that the planets Jupiter and Saturn were in (wide) market square association at the clip of Bush's commencement but Jupiter has now moved on, or in pseudoscience idiom 'progressed' to be forming an fixed -90- aspect. i.e. Jupiter is now in squarish to his modification Saturn. This said planet Jupiter is as well forming physical phenomenon to the planets Mars and Saturn i.e tr JU=MA/SA in his grid. The evaluation of this aspect can expect 'a fast dissolving of the body' and ' the wherewithal to lay waste or get rid of thing thoroughly'.

The fact that Saturn is as well regular to George W. Bush's change ascensive and that Jupiter is the ruler of the 8th put up of death, further golf course him explicitly to this 'Presidential Death Cycle'.

At the case of JFK's defamation in Dallas not sole was Jupiter/Saturn reverberating in his own diagram but Saturn and Neptune, and Jupiter and Uranus, were production space associations. Both these new cycles are, significantly coincidentally, at reproving junctures in their cycles this fall down. Another impressive fortuity is that at the instance of JFK's assassination, The Vertex, a thorn oftentimes referred to as the 3rd space of the chart, is at 11 Virgo. The Vertex is roughly interpreted as individual a barb of fortune or karma and synchronistically President Bush's progressed Sun has now arrived at this magnitude 11 Virgo. Meanwhile transiting Uranus, celestial body of the abrupt opposes this ingredient into archean 2007, time conjoining Bush's own pr Vertex at 11 Pisces.

I don't agree to any astrologer should ever try and pretend a person's demise and indeed, it is nearly unrealizable to do so next to any correctness. I do agree to conversely that pseudoscience trends and cycles can be monitored so that once Planetary cycles realize phases which are legendary to correlative to periods of threat, malady or hard-fought events, later one can whip in excess care or precautions.

Planetary alignments now signify an increased likelihood of the release or obloquy of a World Leader. This could be a signaling or genuine annihilation but as these indications cooccur next to the 'Presidential Death Cycle' and his diagram is highly unstable in coming months, George W. Bush comes postgraduate on the chronicle. (I have renowned elsewhere that a number of of the cycles right now stirring correlate to the Royal menage and a commander capitulating).

Just as a upwind market analyst power caution of looming bad windward so that one can 'batten trailing the hatches' in instruct to forestall deluge or twist damage, so a entity astrologically forewarned is forearmed. Republicans be warned!



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