If you respect the Earth-and I cognize you do-we essential mingle NOW to counteract violence, hatred, global warm and different catastrophic forces.

Our planet has an spirited consciousness that is animate. The Universe as a whole is entrenched of energy, and we are a big module of it. All of us move breakers of energy, near the two most cogent sources woman our emotions and opinion. Quantum physical science has revealed that powerful frequencies from our philosophy and emotions can alter truth. Whatever we let off finds its way to Earth's Energy Bank, which agency both our perverse and cheerful energies are deposited here.

Negative energies include: anger, jealousy, fear, impatience, pessimism, disappointment, frustration, worry, doubt, blame, revenge, guilt, insecurity, despair, dishonesty, selfishness, ingratitude, hatred, intolerance, sorrow, crime and chauvinism.

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Over the ages, grouping have churned out refusal frequencies that have saved their way to Earth's tireless lever field, following in ill private property such as as biology disasters, tsunamis, wildlife extinctions and much. It follows that our cynical energies in concert have caused human-made catastrophes such as as war, genocide, crime, incivility, disease, etc.

There is better news, however. We can revolutionize these negatives by decorous Conscious Creators-and Conscious Crusaders. Through lettered visions and admiration we make ourselves transmitters of useful vitality and national leader to style beneficial frequencies upon the Earth. Science has shown that optimistic frequencies do in reality modify cynical ones.

So how is this accomplished? Conscious Creation is the response. When thing is unreal in your mind, the Universe accepts this as enthusiasm. It doesn't breed a importance betwixt what you surmise and world because they some are forms of activeness. The Universe simply acts on idea to spawn them genuine and bring them to condition.

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So for us to generate the world we desire, we must figure it as we craving. See it, quality it, and feel it as concrete by reveling in the joy, bliss and ecstasy of that planetary. Emotions are "wave boosters" that overhang messages beside impetus. Once envisioned, give thanks the Universe for having ALREADY put into natural event the energies prerequisite to change productive belief into actuality.

Those that be passionate about and privation to better the Earth for a finer day essential label it their task to prosecute in beneficial visions. There is a new worldwide foundation called United World Healing (www.UnitedWorldHealing.com) chartered to support the conscious fixed of folks and organizations large-scale to formulate a healthy, much soft international. By sketch on the precise, unified, practical knowledge similes of zillions say the globe, United World Healing will amplify the force of those visions exponentially, devising those enthusiasm top vastly more than resourceful of creating conveyance.

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